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167789_1801848725267_1211302140_32103341_4575959_nIf you don't already know me, I'm Anne; the most unlikely nail tech in the world.  I only say that because for most of my life, I treated my fingers as a food group.  Yes, I'm a nail biter, and not only do I bite my nails, but all of the surrounding tissue on my fingers.


You'll notice that statement is in the present tense.  I didn't used to bite my nails, I still do, or at least I will if given the opportunity.


About five years or so ago, a friend and I went out for some much needed pampering and decided to get our nails done.  It was kind of a fluke because neither of us cared too much about how our hands looked, but we were splurging on something we wouldn't normally do.  So I had acrylic enhancements put on, and then a miracle happened.  The enhancements prevented my snapping teeth from tearing into my poor abused fingers.  In two weeks, my fingers were noticeably better, and in a month all of the wounds and damage I had inflicted to the skin around my nails had completely healed.

I was hooked!


I learned pretty quickly though, that if I didn't have enhancements of some sort on my nails, I would revert back to my biting, tearing ways within a week.  So in order to save some money, I started doing my own nails, and then my daughters nails, and then my friend's nails.  I eventually decided to go legit, and signed up to take a nail course at a local beauty school.


Anyone who's known me for any length of time is surprised that I'm doing nails for a living, but I love it.  It's creative, fun, and best of all, I can help people like myself who never thought their hands could be pretty, feel better about themselves.  It's a pretty amazing thing.


So I'm Anne, and I'm a nail tech.  If you decide to follow my blog, I'll be sharing some of my work, advice on caring for your nails, news and reviews on salons, products, services, and anything else related to the nail industry.  Hopefully, I'll also entertain you a little bit too.


So welcome to the new nail blog.  I look forward to sharing what I know with you!





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