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The Myth of "Natural" Skin Care

You may have seen them in upscale salons or boutiques; lotions, crèmes, scrubs, and body butters claiming to be "All Natural."  I want to let you in on a little secret though...


There's no such thing as a commercially produced "All Natural" skin care product.


What makes me say these horrible, horrible things, you ask as you look at the $70 jar of 'natural' face crème you just purchased?


Let me explain...


Lotions are made by blending oils and water to make a creamy substance.  In order to stabilize the mixture, and keep it from separating, an emulsifier must be added in. Otherwise your lotion will just go back to being oils and water.  There's only one natural emulsifier out there, and that's Beeswax.  However, Beeswax creates a very oily cream that most people would hesitate to apply to their bodies.


Additionally, if you've ever made your own salad dressing, you know that there is a very short shelf life on an oil and water blend.  Natural oils like olive, coconut, almond, and many others, create a perfect environment for bacterial growth when combined with water.  Therefore, it doesn't take long at all for mold growth to begin in an all natural lotion.  They need preservatives, or they would need to be refrigerated, and, even then, would only last a few months before spoiling.


Not very appetizing to imagine spreading mold spores on your face along with that $70 crème, now is it?


So, with that being said, lotions, scrubs, crèmes, and butters must all have waxes, emulsifiers, and preservatives that are chemicals.  That's ok though!  Our world is made up of chemicals, our bodies are made up of chemicals, and not all chemicals are bad for us, whether they're naturally occurring or created in a lab.


So how do you know if what you're putting on your skin is good or bad for you?  A good place to start is by looking at the label...




I like my lotions to have more ingredients I can pronounce on the label than ingredients I can't. Look for natural oils, like almond, avocado, and sunflower; look for rich butters that are good for your skin, like cocoa, shea, and mango.




Additionally, lotions, crèmes, and body butters should be white or off white.  If they're pink, yellow, green, or any other color in the spectrum, they've had dyes added in to make them that way.  Most dyes aren't necessarily harmful, but why rub them into your skin when all they do is improve the visual aspect of a lotion?


At Nailed It, I only use products on my clients that I'm willing to use on myself, my mother, and my daughters.  I look for products with amazing quality, and reasonable prices, for everything I use and sell. 


So, knowing what I know, I decided to pack up the products we had on hand with the indecipherable ingredients list, and add new, handcrafted, lines of products from Majestic Mountain Sage to our inventory.  Along with an amazing sugar scrub that we make right here in the salon!




These products start out unscented, and you can leave them that way, or you can create your own scent by choosing one or more of the concentrated scent oils we have have available.




Now, if you love these products as much as we do, we know you'll want to take some home with you.  We have 8oz. lotions available for just $14, and 2oz. body butters for $8!  The best part is that you can also create your own scent blends for the products you purchase to take home! 


We have samples of all of our products for you to try before you buy, and while they're not "All Natural," they are made with the finest, skin nourishing, ingredients available. 


So stop in soon and try them out.  I know you'll be amazed by them!




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